Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bored Writing: Seasonal Vents

In such turbulent weather, even Cain's countenance was better.

Breath deep and relax
The season is back
Where I inhale my dreams
And then explode with facts
My insides a mess
While my outsides intact
..Amazing as I work thru these loopholes and traps
I guess I can attest to the 'Insanity' plan
As my mind is shattered shambles again
Asking questions like: 'Who are my friends?'
..Sitting puzzled with my fist on my chin.
Just a shot at my everyday aggressors
I wallow in my sorrows as they giggle from the pleasures
Breaking off my wings
..And plucking off my feathers
I'm determined not to shiver in this weather
..Until the spring stays 70 or better

~wind blows.!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bored Writing: F+ Student

This whole thing wouldnt be so stupid if Cupid wasnt an F+ student

We never saw it coming
Corruption from afar
Cupid shot arrows
And one of them hit hard
One of them just grazed
While one of them went far
Guess which one is which
Guess which heart's involved
I wish he was more trained
He should have never passed the bar
They should have held him back
Maybe he could learn somemore
He wouldn't fail at mending these two perfect type and kind
He wouldnt fail to realize it wasnt yet the time
Stuff the arrow in his quiver
Hang his bow upon his side
Set his watch for any place thats not 2009

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dream Writing: Cotton Candy Clouds

In my mind I'm so proud of my Cotton Candy Clouds

A child's dream
Floating thru the clouds
Where everything is everything
And fears are in shrouds
Run your fingers thru the base of it,
..And twirl it all around
The sweet taste of victory,
..is melting in your mouth
Fall into the bliss
..Get riddled by this rain
This sweet tea and lemonade mixture is insane
..Ballooning off the edges of umbrella candy canes
And the Bubble Yum is excellent for surfacing again
Just blow your biggest bubble and get carried by the wind
Candy pixie particles collecting on your skin
You can lick it and your tongue becomes a pinkish-purple blend
"The taste is great, it's grape!"
..As you wipe it off your chin
A Gobstopper sun?
How's it shining from within?
But it doesn't matter much as you plummet for a swim
It's an ocean full of chocolate
Where the cookies like to live
And the Monster likes to fish
He's all blue with furry hands
You might drown in your pleasures
But a dream is just a dream
And you're waken up for breakfast
A stretch and a sigh
"That was best rest ever"
But somehow there's cookie crumbs on your cover O.o

~wind blows.!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bored Writing: Circa TwenTy Eleven

Just a message, why not start the year off with an poetic expression

I guess it was a year of awkwardness
Working thru my pains,
Annd tripping over obstacles
Alittle more stress,
Alittle less hair follicles
Walking thru a scene where the ground tends to swallow you
But there's always a savior
..A beacon to the darkness
A few of them could love
And a few of them were heartless
Home is where the heart is
..Mine is an apartment
So if you stay alone I don't mind being partners
We can share the love,
The most general of truths
Agape to my friends,
Sore Eros to recluse's
If you don't know me Now then im reaching out to you
And those that know me Well can consider themselves few
So I tap this on a pad,
Let it telephone to you
Im forwarding this message,
And ReTweeting it for truth
I write this on your walls,
And I'm sending it to all
And I'm hopefully not biting off more than I can chew
A year is man made,
Buts whats a thousand years to you.?
Forget about a day, I have other goals in view
Today is just a day so be careful what you do
Beware of who you're with and watch out for who you..knew

~wind blows.!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Circa Sixten Oh!nine II: The Redux*

More gloomy than it appears with blood burgundy tears

Forget endings that begin
I'm ending this to end.!
Where everything I see is an emotion that I kill.!
Where every lucid image of my memory is real.!
..And I can choke it dead with all the pain that is unhealed
You're 'not as heartless as I think'.?
..You got your only heart from me.!
...You crushed it with your hands,
....And you would beat it when it beats
I guess you werent use to all the realness that you see
Love mixed with sin is the perfect recipe
Where the sweetness of the taste hints stale calamity
And the smell that will linger is the scent insanity
My mind paints the picture of you smiling at this cake
..While my tears burst into flames and burn down my face
My sweat turns to acid..more toxic than a waste
And my body melts down until my image is erased
You cant catch me now,..
No remnants for your chase
Except for empty vessels filled with purple colored paste
...because, dreams fall and break
....And look at all the mess that it makes -__-

~wind blows.!

* The definition of Redux means brought back, revisited. This version of Sixten Oh!nine II
is a different view of the last version..the last version of Sixten Oh!nine II can be read here: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150328893639046 as well as the first ever version of Sixten Oh! nine here: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=457123669045 ..

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Journal Poetry Vault: A Folly Melancholy

*The Journal Poetry Vault is usually a personal set of poetry.but on rare occasions i release it.

'It's something I cant explain with no lecture.
How can I tell you how love feels with no texture.?'

I saw a jacket yesterday,
It was purple with some buttons
My friend asked why I froze,
I told him I was buggin
.It was something you would wear,
..It was something you would like,
...Something I would purchase if it ever was my right
These things happen often,
Almost every single night
For a fraction of a second I lose hearing,speech and sight
Then a loud *bang* occurs and I'm back into the light,
..I'm back to feeling good,
Like my memory was wiped
And then I'm over-zealous,
And sometimes mellow-hyped
On these Sunrainy days,
On those Snowscorching nights
I'm ready for a change..'cuz the seasons always do
Where summertime is red,
If the wintertime is blue
Purple is the spring,
I guess fall is too
But what happens when these colors all blend into a hue.?
Where the fall is like the spring,
The summer strips the leafs,
And the winter makes you sweat from the humidity it leaves
Normality itself isn't far off from a dream
And I'm hoping what I hope IS really how it seems
My sight and sounds return with defraction of my pain
Here's a cloud of crowded glory for my melancholy's reign -__-
iTs soMethInG i Cant eXpLain wiTh nO lEcturE.
hoW cAn i tEll yoU hOw loVe fEels wIth nO tExtuRe.?

~wind blows.!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bored Writing: BioLyricism ft. Tanesha Ivey

Tanesha Ivey:
The components of life I strive to thee,
a line, one complete masterpiece.
A piece so vaguely drawn complicated as if the morning dawn.
Yonder where thy art is born,
while others are harshly scorned.
To the point of no return,
that line turned diagonally so far gone
cannot see this majesty.
Simple as the horizon,
but distressful as the travel of blood,
a heart beats every minute when this clock stops ticking
the deadline is never ending.
The ending of yours but beginning of a lifeline
sparking an active streak,
as the artist draws it speaks,
to everyone willing to listen to the stories told
of those who behold, the world with all their might
Strutting about the new found fight,
to not be just a pigment in space
Where the dots are connected,
a false move and you are disconnected from life
that line same as a neonate
in the womb of a mother’s umbilical cord without it survivals at stake

Ty (me):
I live on this lyricism
'I feed on it's art'
Where it once layed dorment,
Now it bleeds from it's heart
But ironicly its good,
That it freely imparts,
That it gives me its words,
And it stands by remarks
Isnt it right for words to be intelligent.?
And isnt it okay to 'indulge' in its excellence.?
I learned long ago that words have power,
And art from the heart can seek and devour
But im the eater of my words,
I am what i eat,
I am the intelligence that hangs in my teeth
Its a gift
Its a privledge..for whomever it will reach
For as long as this lyricism lives, i am..me
~wind blows.!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bored Writing: Memory Board

Thoughts forged from before on my Memory Board

I hate my memories
They always sneakin up on me O.o
I guess my memories misery loves company
Or maybe its exciting..it MUST live from buggin me
Tossed into deep thought of images that are fallacies
..As I'm explaining this feeling,these memories are disrupting me
But you can take custody,
I'll give you allll my thoughts,
Along with a jar of my screams in a box
Warning ..Strong stuff.!
Not makin believe,
But you can only see how my artistry bleeds
'Alittle rain and some seed makes flowers a trees,
Carried on by the wind and the seas,
'Till im old,
Kids yelling: "More Ovaltine pleeease!"'
..That was the dream
Still rooting for realities team
But not liking how my chances could seem
I study bored like Monopoly fiends,
..and refuse to leave my goals in my dreams
Yea, i think its just a poetry thing
Now all my memories absorb into flames.
In any games that I lose, I go out with a *BANG*
And now your 'eyes' never 'hear'ing the same O.o
~wind blows.!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bored Writing: The Cosby Kid

Youre only right if you say:
..we live perfect lives on opposite day

Everything is perfect -__-
The sky is falling upward
Blood drains thick,
The consistency of mustard
And my tears bleed,
Red rumbles from the puddles
Emotion and its Voices crowd around in a huttle
And altho its suttle,
Another sound beckons
Telling me whats seen is a new type of lesson
..Telling me my eyes are new to this vision
I stare at this ignorance and act like I listen
..Age doesnt matter
Drama freezes time
And what you don't know shouldn't give you peace of mind
I told you im not simple
..I have complexities in mind,
And I figure it the best to keep them covered where they hide
I look at situations and I give them crooked eyes
..I give them tired stretches
Cuz' im really not suprised
No matter what you go thru..never ever dignify,
that you're the only one
..Theres over 7 billion lives
Money doesn't cure
And stress comes with bills
The same as many symptoms come with medication pills
So because I wear khakis don't look at me as weird
Deep inside the ridges are the problems that you fear
A human dying slowly in a rich mans gear
A bum crying often dripping diamond dust tears
It doesn't change the action..so forget how it appears
The only thing that matters is I struggle but im here
So why should I relay it to be fathomed and compared.?
When I see you're problems im not bothered, I just stare
But for the same person to say I don't understand
Just know that you dont know me, but that's exactly what I..planned
~wind blows.!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bored Writing: Close Outcast

They hope our tears burst into flames and burn down our face

Am i the only one.?
Can't you see the pain.?
Is everyone around me playing pawns in little games.?
I'm viewing from this board where everybody moves the same
So i moved alittle different, now the world thinks im strange
But who could care less
I asked for this stress
I literally put everybody to the test
I'm supposed to be an outcast
And made to be astray
They tell me that its right but I challenge anyway
I was built for destruction
..But I've overcome its way
That's why I seem inpurposely so permanent today
What if you were weak..but then became strong
What if you were short..but then became tall
Now everybody laughs if occasionally you're wrong
They've forgot about the past or their memory is fogged
Screaming: "Hopefully you fail!"
..the past tense of fall
As the breath that I inhale is infected sabatoge
Where the ground that I walk isn't level likee.. at all
But I know I'm not alone...we are 7 million strong!
A piece of this puzzle,
..A section of the stars
The forest from the trees,
..And the bottle from a bar
If we're here all together
Then divided we will fall
Just remember that a movement that is different isn't..wrong
~wind blows.!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bored Writing: Vaulted Portrait

..soMetImeS lEsS fOcUs cAn heLp YoU sEe tHe iMagE

How should i begin.?
How can i explain.?
This artistry is like the cells that flow in thru my veins
This 'heart' in me is like a 'harp',
..The 'beating' is the 'strings'
I close my eyes and hold my chest and picture everything
..But the picture is so plain,
The mixture is so vain
..So i tap into the memories I've held since I began
I draw upon my life, my course ,and everything Ive changed
Now the image that I picture is mural that's insane
The color drips of rage,
The seasoning is sage,
The hue is darkened burgandy that leaks into the page
An optical illusion how it twists into a maze
As exciting as it is, I'm both disgusted and amazed
Now I wipe up the memory,
..I clean up everything
The only thing i picture is the smudges that remain
Alittle grey..alittle green..in a bluish kind of way
But the image isnt certain,so i figured its okay
This 'harp' is more treacherous than anything i know
If my brain is like Gepetto then im strung just like a bow
Im fighting the compressions pushing many to and fro
But im anchored to the ground steady as the wind that blows
I open up my eyes
Where everything is white and cold
Where figures wait alone to be sculpted into molds
So I give unto you art in forms of everything i know
But when you finish viewing..just be sure to close the door
Thru chains and vaults
...Thru peaks and faults
....Thru valley streams and foggy troughs
Just incase you wondered what it would be like to see my thoughts

~wind blows.!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dream Writing: Full Eclipse

*The 5th lyric ive ever completed fully in my head before writing it down

Telekinesis impossible..so is this moving you.?

Full Eclipse
..Can it cover over memories.?
Where the moon shines bright,
With the sun as its centerpiece
I'm seeing it front of me
..Surrounded by the clouds where its lightning and thundering
Paralyzed in eyes and I'm wondering
Why so close but so far?..Come to me
As i reach into the sky
My feet move from under me
Im all up in the air
Theyre amazed as they stare at me
"..How is he.?.."
People pace sporadicly
Well my body IS of water
..so the moon has a pull me
All of these created things..
Take the place of settled pain
It eases and appeases everything that's sitting on my brain
My yoke is feather-weight now
I aint comin back down
My load is light
..The time is right
...I'm never gonna settle down
But just as i begin to think
A flock of birds begin to flee
I wonder why..
..This isn't right
The sky is filled with flashing lights
And sadly its the human type -__-
They fog the air
They're everywhere
..The sound comes late as they appear
The full eclipse is sitting there
They never even hesitate,
to shoot the rockets in its face...
Yelling: "'Ready.Aim..Fire.!'
..eVery dReaM Is asSembLy reQuirEd"#
...everything created can expire
I write this to inspire
For we destroy most of what is made
..But just because you CAN doesn't mean try to.!

~wind blows.!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Circa Sixten Oh!nine Part II (Annual Poetry)

A date imprinted on my mind with ink..and it gets more toxic everytime that i think

This is really real.
This is what it seems.!
Pinch yourself for proof,
..What i say is what i mean
This is two years of emotion packed into a single seam
But if you rip the fabric it'll shatter into dreams
My heart is in my hand
..And this date is on my sleeve
So you can see it easy
Everything is whats percieved
Im standing with a hammer yelling:
"Who else wants to leave.!"
If someone answers back then ill prolly take a swing
..a swing at my hand
But yall dont understand
Metaphors and similies don't always seem to land
As the hourglass erases every single spec of sand
Im staring in the air looking at my ceiling fan
Time is so stupid -__-
..You can call it 'trash'
The only thing thats 'wasted' when you smile or when you laugh
The past was just a failure that i never thought id have
And everyday i think about what i couldve had
..I couldve had you
But now im just harrassed
Haunted by these thoughts, I hear skitzophrenic laughs
As the voices whisper loudly that ill 'get another chance'
But they can keep on lying because they dont know the half
They dont know my future was determined by my past
..They dont know youre presence was a present that i had
Watching drama on these monitors and screens they seem to have
But there the mono's muted so the storyline is halfed
There's no hope for our future
..My mentors told me that
The three of them console me at meeting that we have
I told them it could work..and yet they beat me with their wrath
So im humbled,and im stumbled from the dreams i used to have
The benders on his way
So run your race with haste
..for 'that which is crooked can never be made strait'
And anything in ink can never be erased
So i jot this down with pen just to show you its not..fake
~wind blows.!

Another year adds just another dead memory
..a portrait in my mind with alyZ as the centerpiece
..gold chain jewelry and alaN to the left of me
...I failed a women once so the next will get the best of me
..yea, but who can get the best of me.?