Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bored Writing: Memory Board

Thoughts forged from before on my Memory Board

I hate my memories
They always sneakin up on me O.o
I guess my memories misery loves company
Or maybe its MUST live from buggin me
Tossed into deep thought of images that are fallacies
..As I'm explaining this feeling,these memories are disrupting me
But you can take custody,
I'll give you allll my thoughts,
Along with a jar of my screams in a box
Warning ..Strong stuff.!
Not makin believe,
But you can only see how my artistry bleeds
'Alittle rain and some seed makes flowers a trees,
Carried on by the wind and the seas,
'Till im old,
Kids yelling: "More Ovaltine pleeease!"'
..That was the dream
Still rooting for realities team
But not liking how my chances could seem
I study bored like Monopoly fiends,
..and refuse to leave my goals in my dreams
Yea, i think its just a poetry thing
Now all my memories absorb into flames.
In any games that I lose, I go out with a *BANG*
And now your 'eyes' never 'hear'ing the same O.o
~wind blows.!

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