Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dream Writing: Cotton Candy Clouds

In my mind I'm so proud of my Cotton Candy Clouds

A child's dream
Floating thru the clouds
Where everything is everything
And fears are in shrouds
Run your fingers thru the base of it,
..And twirl it all around
The sweet taste of victory,
..is melting in your mouth
Fall into the bliss
..Get riddled by this rain
This sweet tea and lemonade mixture is insane
..Ballooning off the edges of umbrella candy canes
And the Bubble Yum is excellent for surfacing again
Just blow your biggest bubble and get carried by the wind
Candy pixie particles collecting on your skin
You can lick it and your tongue becomes a pinkish-purple blend
"The taste is great, it's grape!"
..As you wipe it off your chin
A Gobstopper sun?
How's it shining from within?
But it doesn't matter much as you plummet for a swim
It's an ocean full of chocolate
Where the cookies like to live
And the Monster likes to fish
He's all blue with furry hands
You might drown in your pleasures
But a dream is just a dream
And you're waken up for breakfast
A stretch and a sigh
"That was best rest ever"
But somehow there's cookie crumbs on your cover O.o

~wind blows.!

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