Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bored Writing: Circa TwenTy Eleven

Just a message, why not start the year off with an poetic expression

I guess it was a year of awkwardness
Working thru my pains,
Annd tripping over obstacles
Alittle more stress,
Alittle less hair follicles
Walking thru a scene where the ground tends to swallow you
But there's always a savior
..A beacon to the darkness
A few of them could love
And a few of them were heartless
Home is where the heart is
..Mine is an apartment
So if you stay alone I don't mind being partners
We can share the love,
The most general of truths
Agape to my friends,
Sore Eros to recluse's
If you don't know me Now then im reaching out to you
And those that know me Well can consider themselves few
So I tap this on a pad,
Let it telephone to you
Im forwarding this message,
And ReTweeting it for truth
I write this on your walls,
And I'm sending it to all
And I'm hopefully not biting off more than I can chew
A year is man made,
Buts whats a thousand years to you.?
Forget about a day, I have other goals in view
Today is just a day so be careful what you do
Beware of who you're with and watch out for who you..knew

~wind blows.!

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