Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Circa Sixten Oh!nine II: The Redux*

More gloomy than it appears with blood burgundy tears

Forget endings that begin
I'm ending this to end.!
Where everything I see is an emotion that I kill.!
Where every lucid image of my memory is real.!
..And I can choke it dead with all the pain that is unhealed
You're 'not as heartless as I think'.?
..You got your only heart from me.!
...You crushed it with your hands,
....And you would beat it when it beats
I guess you werent use to all the realness that you see
Love mixed with sin is the perfect recipe
Where the sweetness of the taste hints stale calamity
And the smell that will linger is the scent insanity
My mind paints the picture of you smiling at this cake
..While my tears burst into flames and burn down my face
My sweat turns to acid..more toxic than a waste
And my body melts down until my image is erased
You cant catch me now,..
No remnants for your chase
Except for empty vessels filled with purple colored paste
...because, dreams fall and break
....And look at all the mess that it makes -__-

~wind blows.!

* The definition of Redux means brought back, revisited. This version of Sixten Oh!nine II
is a different view of the last version..the last version of Sixten Oh!nine II can be read here: as well as the first ever version of Sixten Oh! nine here: ..

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