Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Journal Poetry Vault: A Folly Melancholy

*The Journal Poetry Vault is usually a personal set of poetry.but on rare occasions i release it.

'It's something I cant explain with no lecture.
How can I tell you how love feels with no texture.?'

I saw a jacket yesterday,
It was purple with some buttons
My friend asked why I froze,
I told him I was buggin
.It was something you would wear,
..It was something you would like,
...Something I would purchase if it ever was my right
These things happen often,
Almost every single night
For a fraction of a second I lose hearing,speech and sight
Then a loud *bang* occurs and I'm back into the light,
..I'm back to feeling good,
Like my memory was wiped
And then I'm over-zealous,
And sometimes mellow-hyped
On these Sunrainy days,
On those Snowscorching nights
I'm ready for a change..'cuz the seasons always do
Where summertime is red,
If the wintertime is blue
Purple is the spring,
I guess fall is too
But what happens when these colors all blend into a hue.?
Where the fall is like the spring,
The summer strips the leafs,
And the winter makes you sweat from the humidity it leaves
Normality itself isn't far off from a dream
And I'm hoping what I hope IS really how it seems
My sight and sounds return with defraction of my pain
Here's a cloud of crowded glory for my melancholy's reign -__-
iTs soMethInG i Cant eXpLain wiTh nO lEcturE.
hoW cAn i tEll yoU hOw loVe fEels wIth nO tExtuRe.?

~wind blows.!

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