Thursday, June 9, 2011

Circa Sixten Oh!nine Part II (Annual Poetry)

A date imprinted on my mind with ink..and it gets more toxic everytime that i think

This is really real.
This is what it seems.!
Pinch yourself for proof,
..What i say is what i mean
This is two years of emotion packed into a single seam
But if you rip the fabric it'll shatter into dreams
My heart is in my hand
..And this date is on my sleeve
So you can see it easy
Everything is whats percieved
Im standing with a hammer yelling:
"Who else wants to leave.!"
If someone answers back then ill prolly take a swing
..a swing at my hand
But yall dont understand
Metaphors and similies don't always seem to land
As the hourglass erases every single spec of sand
Im staring in the air looking at my ceiling fan
Time is so stupid -__-
..You can call it 'trash'
The only thing thats 'wasted' when you smile or when you laugh
The past was just a failure that i never thought id have
And everyday i think about what i couldve had
..I couldve had you
But now im just harrassed
Haunted by these thoughts, I hear skitzophrenic laughs
As the voices whisper loudly that ill 'get another chance'
But they can keep on lying because they dont know the half
They dont know my future was determined by my past
..They dont know youre presence was a present that i had
Watching drama on these monitors and screens they seem to have
But there the mono's muted so the storyline is halfed
There's no hope for our future
..My mentors told me that
The three of them console me at meeting that we have
I told them it could work..and yet they beat me with their wrath
So im humbled,and im stumbled from the dreams i used to have
The benders on his way
So run your race with haste
..for 'that which is crooked can never be made strait'
And anything in ink can never be erased
So i jot this down with pen just to show you its not..fake
~wind blows.!

Another year adds just another dead memory
..a portrait in my mind with alyZ as the centerpiece chain jewelry and alaN to the left of me
...I failed a women once so the next will get the best of me
..yea, but who can get the best of me.?

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