Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dream Writing: Full Eclipse

*The 5th lyric ive ever completed fully in my head before writing it down

Telekinesis is this moving you.?

Full Eclipse
..Can it cover over memories.?
Where the moon shines bright,
With the sun as its centerpiece
I'm seeing it front of me
..Surrounded by the clouds where its lightning and thundering
Paralyzed in eyes and I'm wondering
Why so close but so far?..Come to me
As i reach into the sky
My feet move from under me
Im all up in the air
Theyre amazed as they stare at me
"..How is he.?.."
People pace sporadicly
Well my body IS of water the moon has a pull me
All of these created things..
Take the place of settled pain
It eases and appeases everything that's sitting on my brain
My yoke is feather-weight now
I aint comin back down
My load is light
..The time is right
...I'm never gonna settle down
But just as i begin to think
A flock of birds begin to flee
I wonder why..
..This isn't right
The sky is filled with flashing lights
And sadly its the human type -__-
They fog the air
They're everywhere
..The sound comes late as they appear
The full eclipse is sitting there
They never even hesitate,
to shoot the rockets in its face...
Yelling: "'Ready.Aim..Fire.!'
..eVery dReaM Is asSembLy reQuirEd"#
...everything created can expire
I write this to inspire
For we destroy most of what is made
..But just because you CAN doesn't mean try to.!

~wind blows.!

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