Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bored Writing: Vaulted Portrait

..soMetImeS lEsS fOcUs cAn heLp YoU sEe tHe iMagE

How should i begin.?
How can i explain.?
This artistry is like the cells that flow in thru my veins
This 'heart' in me is like a 'harp',
..The 'beating' is the 'strings'
I close my eyes and hold my chest and picture everything
..But the picture is so plain,
The mixture is so vain
..So i tap into the memories I've held since I began
I draw upon my life, my course ,and everything Ive changed
Now the image that I picture is mural that's insane
The color drips of rage,
The seasoning is sage,
The hue is darkened burgandy that leaks into the page
An optical illusion how it twists into a maze
As exciting as it is, I'm both disgusted and amazed
Now I wipe up the memory,
..I clean up everything
The only thing i picture is the smudges that remain
Alittle grey..alittle a bluish kind of way
But the image isnt certain,so i figured its okay
This 'harp' is more treacherous than anything i know
If my brain is like Gepetto then im strung just like a bow
Im fighting the compressions pushing many to and fro
But im anchored to the ground steady as the wind that blows
I open up my eyes
Where everything is white and cold
Where figures wait alone to be sculpted into molds
So I give unto you art in forms of everything i know
But when you finish viewing..just be sure to close the door
Thru chains and vaults
...Thru peaks and faults
....Thru valley streams and foggy troughs
Just incase you wondered what it would be like to see my thoughts

~wind blows.!

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