Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bored Writing: Close Outcast

They hope our tears burst into flames and burn down our face

Am i the only one.?
Can't you see the pain.?
Is everyone around me playing pawns in little games.?
I'm viewing from this board where everybody moves the same
So i moved alittle different, now the world thinks im strange
But who could care less
I asked for this stress
I literally put everybody to the test
I'm supposed to be an outcast
And made to be astray
They tell me that its right but I challenge anyway
I was built for destruction
..But I've overcome its way
That's why I seem inpurposely so permanent today
What if you were weak..but then became strong
What if you were short..but then became tall
Now everybody laughs if occasionally you're wrong
They've forgot about the past or their memory is fogged
Screaming: "Hopefully you fail!"
..the past tense of fall
As the breath that I inhale is infected sabatoge
Where the ground that I walk isn't level likee.. at all
But I know I'm not alone...we are 7 million strong!
A piece of this puzzle,
..A section of the stars
The forest from the trees,
..And the bottle from a bar
If we're here all together
Then divided we will fall
Just remember that a movement that is different isn't..wrong
~wind blows.!

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