Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bored Writing: Seasonal Vents

In such turbulent weather, even Cain's countenance was better.

Breath deep and relax
The season is back
Where I inhale my dreams
And then explode with facts
My insides a mess
While my outsides intact
..Amazing as I work thru these loopholes and traps
I guess I can attest to the 'Insanity' plan
As my mind is shattered shambles again
Asking questions like: 'Who are my friends?'
..Sitting puzzled with my fist on my chin.
Just a shot at my everyday aggressors
I wallow in my sorrows as they giggle from the pleasures
Breaking off my wings
..And plucking off my feathers
I'm determined not to shiver in this weather
..Until the spring stays 70 or better

~wind blows.!


Joe Cool said...

glad u still at it my dude
email me

u not the only one working
check my page tomorrow


L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

Yep, i had closed this site for a year plus...ive written alot that is going to be in my book. I took it up a few notches tho