Monday, May 9, 2011

The Last Reply: Hades Behavior

..sticks and stones can break your bones but words decapitate you

George will die melodramatical

Seeking to try Ty as sabatical

And retreat when i pry cells from his clavicles

And leave his eyes melting thru faces of shattered skull

This is killing with tongues

..Im as ill as they come

Slashing with battle tactics until my fingers are numb

I write as hot as the 'sun'

So pray me a saber to slay me a 'savior'

..A titanium blade for crushing his cranium later

...You like my Hades behavior.?

This constitutes a revolution

..My malice slated in restitution

...I came and amalgamated his evolution with calibrated electricutions

That germinated the mold

This serpent hated the cold

..where verses ate him and regurgitated him whole

I perforate lyrical souls.!

Left invertibrated he folds

Exterminated as told

Then i advance with several celestial sword swinging swordsmen

Projecting blaphemic fantastic chapters in fractions towards him

To leave him physically disfigured in ritualistic symbols of art

..Rip him apart with encrypted lyrics that cripple his heart

Split him in half with sadistic methods developed in darkness

Leave him impaled on his wall and laugh at the swell of his carcus

..Rip his mind in four

...Shatter his frame in six ways

....And take a switchblade to engrave my tag in his ribcage

Cells splatted leave no lyrical membranes

I told you i was playing and BEEN trained.!

George,Nick, Cursive or whatever his name is,

.If you're flames, im cold rain

..Left with smokey remainders

~wind blows.!

PS: I dont want this to seem like association so i made this last reply simply amazing...Much love to all my brothers and sisters..even those fighting to return in the future.

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MsRoxy said...

Love it!!!!!