Saturday, April 23, 2011

Journal Poetry Vault: An Overcast Day

Life's Art-No Eraser...Watch What Yxu Draw

..Short and bitterSweet

Shatter my heart,

Break my feelings,

Tear my torso.

..She can do it all with her back turned and her eyes closed

She could make me fall with a back brace and support poles

And even when im down she pummels me with her elbows

Blah dee blah

Such a sad story

..i should make it better and pretend that i was joking

..or i could fill a letter explaining why i am so deep

But she would never know..cuz she would always ignore me

..And for all who read THIS, and think that its boring

...You could prolly hate..but atleast you can just support me

....You could prolly count on one hand when i was happy,

Awaiting for the time when everybody is all meek

Its just...the wind blowing on an overcast day,

Making me think back to some of my past ways

..And making me reminsce on why its the last days

...Done ciphoning from hearts that feed me with spoiled rage

~wind blows.!

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