Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bored Writing: Future Memories

A parade of confetti razorblades couldnt match my past of tyranny

Presents from the past

..Mixed with future memories

Searching thru a box of old clothes and misery

Don't you understand that those clothes don't fit on me.?

Dressed in the future..

Where past thoughts can envy me

..Envy clothed in jealousy

Eyes big as evergreens

Focused on a view thats right there but never seen

And its too bad that troubled thoughts are missing me

I wont be back so keep all your gifts and things

.Back on track,

..Enduring again

Thoughts of the past like chaff in the wind

While thoughts of my future are massive again

Where the my biggest of feats are like passing of trends

Im right here today

..A past full of sorrow

Confetti razorblades pour over happiest tomorrows

I soak it all in..and keep i what i borrow

Fill you up with love if you let me,

..Heres a bottle.!

They say im unreadable

"Theres a missing piece of you"

"Go and push him down to the ground and see what he will do"

They dont know its dangerous to percieve what he'll pursue.

.To all future enemies

..And to everybody fittingly

Understand i laugh at these fears that replinish me

..Understand my path is as cramped as arthritic knees

...And correlate my past to the darkness thats never seen.!

~wind blows.!


Anonymous said...

Really like. But why so bitter though hun?

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

Life's Art-No Eraser...Watch What Yxu Draw!