Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bored Writing: Just For You

..All from broken crutches and anorexic memories

They said: "I really like your work
..But why is it so sad.?
...And why is it so weird in every lyric that im tagged.?
And what are these emotions that you always seem to have.?
..All about your life and how you stumbled on your path"
I'm not a perfect brother,
..Nor Adams perfect seed
Between the choice of right and wrong im fitted inbetween
This is food for thought on platters of emotions you recieve
So if your plate is tainted then you prolly shouldnt eat
I love ALL my friends
I have love for all my enemies
..So WHO is there who thinks that i would hate on those befriending me.?
And WHO is there who thinks that i would badger any enemy.?
..Or say a mean word when i know that they arent hearing me.?
.You should know im bold.!
..And every word is truth.!
No childish games where glue and rubber never sticks to you
..Where Jack and Jill went up the hill and broke their crowns in two
...Where every creepy feeling is the cooties seeping thru
Somethings never change,
And people never learn
Stuck inside the structure of the world their running from
Stuck upon a feeling that was wrong since it begun
I AM a true friend, what's the reason why you run.?
What's the reason why I write.?
..Truth pumping thru my thumbs
A foe thats full of malice is the person you've become
And everybody else could bang your feelings like a drum
..But THEY don't know your anger because I'm the only one -__-
Aiming for your mind
..First class mail
I hope you feel the words from this lyric like braille
This is not a writ of lines for a story that i tell
..And not a plea of goodness to release me from this jail
With no futher adieu,
.I send this letter thru
..And i hope you read i all,
...'Cause i made it just for you

~wind blows!

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