Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Purposeless Writing: Broken Crutches

I bet alot of people wont get it,

..sometimes less focus can help you see the image -__-

I had three crutches
..But now i have one -__-
The other crutches broke when my surgery begun
.The other crutches snicker when i lay upon the one
..And they creak,
...and they laugh,liiike around everyone
I guess the maker told them that i 'wasnt to much fun'
That i 'couldnt stand strait nomatter what im working on'
But the truth of the matter is my surgery is done
So forget needing you..
I'll just lean upon the one.
It's sad that you were there JUST to help me and your gone
But my one crutch last under weight that i put on
And i never got to use you,
..So i never got attached
And you never said the saying that you 'always had my back'
But my one crutch is my cane
..annd I'm walking again
So when i start running don't follow me or hang
When you break down, ill be there to fix your pain,
But when youre on your feet, ill continue with my cane
One crutch thought it was slick when it broke
I knew that it would give when i started on a slope
It even shook on flat ground..for a reason i don't know
And the other crutch looked sound,
..But was really hollow
I dont take it personal,
My hurt didnt spring from you
I hurt my own self when i sliced up my parachute
..I hurt my own self when i jumped off the institute,
...And felt that i could make it deploying my broken parachute
.Even so im here
Even thru my nightmares
Awaking to reality where my fears are right there,
..But who cares
My back is healing up,
My legs are feeling tough
I plan to run a marathon even with my only crutch.!
So prepare your parachutes,
Climb clouds to find truth,
..Do the impossible,
I won't stand in defeat,volatile.!

~wind blows!

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