Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bored Writing: ER ft. Kimberly Duval (Ampoet'trie)

Kim D (Ampoet'trie):

They say time heals all things

Well Time is on watch, but not curing a thing

I’ve been in chronic pain for weeks

My patience is on leave

Stop standing still

letting me bleed

I’m Clinching my heart,

As I reminisce in the dark

Nurses and their helpers pass by me with their charts

“I just need to know….

What hour the healing starts?”

I’m seeking desperate relief

“ Can’t you see I’m dying!................ Look at me! ”

But love bequeaths

I cry out once more “Save me Please!!!”

I won’t let go

I refuse to cede

So Frantic I reach____/\/\^^___ and I reach _^^_/\/\__/\_______

But No one reaches back and that’s a shock to me….

Clear --- I can see

that With every tick of the clock more of my life force leaves


...So I reach for some hope,

Then i blackout again

Staying conscious in this place is like grasping the wind

But they must hear

..And they must know.!

As I silently scream,

But that's as loud as it goes -__-

The most violent of whispers

The calmest goodbye

And most of my tears fall dry from my eyes

So when they come visit my vitals arise,

But when they leave out I'm dying inside

the slowest death,

the fastest of lives

I ask God:

"What's a thousand more days if that's one in your eyes?"

But i hear no reply,

As is i never did speak,

..As if i don't exist,

...As if i didn't work on everything that i could fix.

But then again im rich,

..Spiritual treasures

We can all live again,

And spend them together

Where my vision is better..

I can see beautiful weather...

Lions with their manes.and birds with their feathers

And again i awake

Another cry for my life

Another push on this button that they taped to my side

Another beep on the monitor that's gauged to my thigh

I'm more hurt now than i was when i arrived.

Kim D (Ampoet'trie):


What's my worth? Name your price...

30 pieces of silver or keep me alive?

I'm telling you what's wrong,

Diagnose my cry...

Here's an idea exchange your life for mine

Take my place...

Walk a block in my shoes...

feel my pain inflicted by you

wait on me to resuscitate you

bleed to death...

no transfuse

convult, and seize from being confused


But they ignore my cry

They say: 'its not that serious.!'

I'm only 'bleeding from my eyes'...

and 'repeating two sentences' -__-

I shiver when it's warm,

And my bed reeks of excrement

So if you think I'm fine,

then you prolly wanna think again.!

Most stories have a happy ending

But life is real,

And my soul isn't patent pending


How can they help me when they lazy?

Enough to make me crazy,

Even if it was possible to save me.!

I'd prolly die from blood hemorrhage to brain,

Tryna break down and explain that their treating me insane

..As if i don't know that my body is dying

The test results are lying.!

..The computers are conniving.!!

I'm being set up by the ruler of this system,

'Cuz i have 3 studies and he know that ima miss 'em

But what matters most is that i tried my best,

Lived life on a humble quest,

Thru pools of sweat,

Manuvering with ever squeeze of breathe

Until the beep goes silent and at peace i rest..


~wind blows!


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