Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dream Writing: Turquoise Nightmares

[The 3rd Installment of the Dream Writing series]

Turquoise skies.
A purple sunrise.
Orange raindrops,
and black tears from my eyes
I don't wear mascara,
It's the darkness inside..
Where clowns frown, cry loud, and bring sadness alive
..And no its not rediculous
...And no its not strange.!
Most of my perception is the opposite of pain
Most of what i see can be explained as deranged,
So i hopefully will never see your image in my brain
..I hope that this is scary
...The rhyme scheme is fair
....The walls bleed venom everytime that i stare
So i plaster it with pictures
What they are...i don't care,
As long as they can soak up all the red that appears
Step into my mind,
Knock on all the doors.
You may find a secret that nobody ever told
You may find a gem that nobodies ever sold
Thieveries a sin, so please don't take it home
This is my reality
Not a trace of calamity
With the exception of you,
...If you enter unaware -__-
The clowns don't like when your there unprepared
But don't mind them..
I think its okay.
Atleast in my mind we can all think the same
Just for you to know that my visions untamed.
Critically acclaimed,
By the clinically insane
..anyones in pain when forced to live more than a minute in my brai

~wind blows!

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