Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bored Writing: Words I Never Said

"I think that all the silence is worse then all the violence.

..fear is such a weak emotion, thats why i despise it.!"- L.F.

They say: "Remain silent.!

Don't forget to cover up"

Protect yourself by throwing dust

..Spinning kicks and uppercuts.!

Down with a fight

But don't forget my coming up.!


Now i finish what i started with a golden tongue

The world is such a lie

..The government is so stuck up

But now its going down

..Going down like the setting sun

Time to blow the trumpet just to show that we're victorious

And end it with that masterful song,so melodious

..But everyone is blind

...Where everything is peachy -__-

Gasoline is high

..and the oceans smell of fieces

I cant wait until the end

..the era that im preaching.!

Where the meek posses the earth,

..Along with never seen species

The truth is in my heart

So my eyes project my feelings

And what you see on screen is a daring kind of release

Words from from my mind..CAPITALIZED when im screaming

Bold in its thought

Italisized for stressed feeling

I HATE to say "i hate"

But i hate hating hate

And isnt love is a verb.? ,..never shown by what you say

This worlds about to end

Its the world you know today.!

.because it crumbles

..and it falls

...and its destruction's on the way

~wind blows.!

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