Monday, May 16, 2011

George Cursive L Presents: 6'4" 185lbs (to the 6 ft. 7 beat)

Some people love me, while other people hating
Those who love are close to God, the others close to Satan
Hating just inspires and it furthers motivation
I leave haters standing there, suspended animation
Sinning may feel good, but i'm not chasing that sensation
Changed the way I think and act, Call it renovation
The fact that you can't phase me shouldn't be a revelation
I'm on a higher plane without weed or meditation
Competition set ablaze, fired, termination
Planting seeds of my success, watch the germination
Future bound to sprout thanks to proper irrigation
Medicate these love sick girls, but may cause irritation
But I can remove the scars, be a dermabrasion
This may be the best wordplay, I've had since "The Equation"
Keep it on my mind like dough, no pluses or minus though
Always come out even, even if I'm moving kinda slow
Save the drama for your mama, you actors just gotta go
By all means put on a show....
Hehehe..... I'm going back
I know this girl who's ghetto due to California raising
She's beautiful and sweeter than a California raisin
She's really off the wall like Michael Jackson in his days and
I talk to her at days end, cause she is so amazing
I don't understand why people give me so much hassle
But my support team keeps me fortified like castles
School had hard knocks, Class of 08 on my tassle
Bullying these niggas, I'm like Butch unto these rascals
Talking to myself because I am a little crazy
Two sides to my story and they're both a little hazy
Like smoke from a swisher, there is never a clear picture
I relate to recipes because I am a mixture
Switch my style up, I guess that why I am unstable
Tryna fight my badness so unlike Cain I am Abel
I am just a hero trapped inside a villains body
Shotty at succeeding but I don't try to be naughty
Probably the best here, but not many listen
Tryna shine the light on them, but always seem to miss em
You can call me Cursive L or call me Mr. Lindsey
I must be a bird or plane, I'm up there where the winds be
I swear the river that I spit at times is never ending
But if my words evaporate, the can be condensending
Precipitate on niggas but I'm never raining men
But I'll flow to flood the river up and start it all again
Real recognizes real, so who the heck are you??
They're just them joker niggas, that usually come in two
And yeah them niggas wild, but I always call their bluff
They can't beat my royal flush....
I'm the King of Hearts and my Ace serves as my Queen too
And guys don't know Jack unless they have a Ten to cling to
I'm just tryna build a dynasty, like that Ming dude
Or like Belicheck, give me the trophy and the ring too
Anytime I put it down, it must be an epic rhyme
Silencing these bustas, see I'm turning all these clowns to mimes
Yeah, they better watch what they say and do
Before I get mad and go ape like a Saiyan do
No evolution, but hold on lemme think
I'm a poet rapper, call me "Missing Link"

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Anonymous said...

Wooooow that is hot. Keep it up