Monday, November 1, 2010

Purposeless Writing: Trojan Horses

Let 'em in, Let 'em learn, Let 'em lie, Watch 'em turn...

LiveLyricism Presents:

Purposeless Writing- Trojan Horses

Watch for greeks bearing gifts

Be cautious of their aim!

Smile in you face

While pouring poison in your veins

Building up with destruction!?

Hence..tearing down what they made

Especially when their creation is the helping hand they gave

But they made it just for you

This hurt is just for you!

Blinded from the view until you eyes could see the truth

The most dominant of enemies,

Becoming best friends

Best friends that are enemies is never a win

More like a Fail

..ha,shoulda been the wiser

If you could only see these eyes that i hide beneath the visors

Thennn you would know how a brotha really feels

But you will never know because my lips are staying sealed

A messed up truth,

And a strait up lie,

..Only hate prevails when love doesn't survive

Knowledge laying dormant is always unwise

..And wrong action with wisdom is defined as Defy

~wind blows!

I promise that im frowning as i impress this, every second i reflect it

..the past was just the bestest! ..a story for vexing


Anonymous said...

This is really good. But sad. Its about a past love.. Its good that you use your frustration to write so beautifully..i wish I can do that! Keep it up ill be stopping by occationally to check it out

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

Thank you..however this particular lyric is not about a past love.