Monday, October 18, 2010

Dream Writing:Bombs,Tiger Palms, and Cobra Fist

The third installment of the Dream Writing series

Your perception should depend on your feelings

...You touched?

Tornados follow the path with...
And healthcare deductions
Ironically thats life
No soul!?,
..No legs to run with
You must trip
But dont laugh at the fact O.o
So pick me up..
No littering!
Retreating to fixed zones of my chivalry
And where im headed it gleams,
See the end-zone shimmering?
And what i find is divine
Truth that most lives despise
They spiritually dead on the inside
..I can see confusion in their eyes
Haunted by thoughts of the unwise
.."What are your school plans"
..."Go and get what you can"
...."Do what you must"
And oh.! ...."Debt is your friend"
And the Bums keep saying:
"Open up your hands,
give unto me money,
Spare alittle change,
Share alittle bit,
I need drugs in my veins!"
And i pass by them all like i didn't see a thing
And they get so disgusted
Their whole attitude'll change
I hate being hated,
So i hope they get over or it
My mind is full of bombs,tiger palms and 'cobra fist'
Isnt it a shame how it 'doesnt make sense'!? -__-

~wind blows!

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