Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bored Writing: Cupids Classes

Schools teach..Relationships teach..but can you be faithful to each? O.o


Starved mentally

Can i get food for thought..?

Recieve and digest what the schools have taught

First staring..lost -__-

And you say you understand,

..but your fingers crossed

Plottin on a plan to have an easy trot

Will my skinny brain physically rot?

Hopefully not

Tryna bring back history,i feel it alot

..Anorexic memories, dont use em enough

Minds mush from the screen of the tv and such


NO you cant look on my sheet

Stay 'married' to your mind..'dont cheat'!

'Cause 'if they find out' thats half of my grade..

'Divorced' from the page

..thats 'half of everything'

And if she old school she'll hit you with the cane

Watch you cry..out..loud

..grimacing in pain!

Im just reflectin on school days

'No puns intended',

If you were taking it 'two ways',dont get offended

Eventually learning will pay

Ha..and '3 fold cords is stronger than one..anyday' O.o

Britt Nicole:

They teach in school the process of elimination

One answer might be right,

but you need smarts and discrimination

Relationships be it reality isn't much different

You're given a bunch of choices

The correct one is hidden

..find the answer,

Look from within..

"Lemme see ur paper"

The same as "What do you think of him?

"The line of the test

Do you take the easy way

Or take the shot on your own,

Believe what other people say

..Or live life in your own way?

~wind blows!

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