Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Purposeless Writing: If These Books Could Talk ft. Kalia Foster

Whoever knew what it was like to be...a book...lonely much?

..fiending for the librarians touch? O.o


Kalia Foster:

Time escapes us

While memories chase us

Reality shapes us,

But its dreams that make us

Time moves on and ive seen some wait for love

And some just wish love woulda waited for them

They on a search for themselves like burried gems

Wind floats past, and rain pours down

And day turns to night,so their flashlights come out

Dreams of the past make them yearn for the good

Memories that catch up and find them

Imperfectly painful timing

Slaps,bruises and punches that blind us

Reality and life are the stories that bind us

Together like sheets in books and binders

Careful with that turn!

..another page by your side

Theres more to learn book-wide.

'Tears'..not crying..but who 'rip'ped us


Don't abuse when you look..just listen

Fingerprints on my past.I leave you convicted

Only a short time,as 'sentence'

But the clock keeps tickin

So some tend to dream less

And on the shelf is where the rest of us rest ..





Gray hair on my cover

Just fibers and lint..

Seams broken, Parts missing, and pages are bent

But you can still learn,

get some knowledge out of me

Before im too faded..underused and unseen

'Faded glory'..

No jeans

No shirts

Book covers cover me.

A dirty body covered with clothes new and clean?

And as abused as i seem..

I could prolly get a hand out,

If i throw myself on the floor as a kid skips about

And thats my only only hope

And that would be a dream

Wont you take me home...

Some pleasantness to read?

Imaginations window,

The most consciencest of dreams!

Until im gone forever


..Not referenceing my seams

And ima rare treasure

...theres not as many as it seems

~wind blows!

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