Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dream Writing: Lucid Illusions

Here's the First Installment to the Dream Writing series.

As you may or may not have recalled there have been series such as:

Bored Writing,Purposeless Writing,and Journal Poetry Vault.

With the new "Dream Writing" installment lyrics will have unclear motives,

and a dream like state which may only make sense to the creative mind.

So with no further Adieu-

Unclear realities,
And lucid illusions.
Dynamites in the mind..
Explosions eluded?
A time to contemplate..
Eroding confusion?
Lines about as mixed as light skinned humans O.o
But there is a solution!
..this isss Dream Writing
So don't be suprised at what your mind is reciting
Seeing purple lightning,
'Bodies' of water fighting,
throwing punches of waves..its exciting!
..Rapid eye movements where my eyes be
Hopefully nightmares are unsightly O.o
..But they always find me
Where im hidden beneath sheets
Flashlights flicker underneath
And if the power goes off..they could bite me while im sleep
..and then feed off the thoughts that they seek minds too precious!,
My heads too big O.o
My thoughts like weapons,
..Deadly in the wrong hands
..dreams make imagination
Ever met a bored Dream?
They call them nightmares..
They not as scary as they seem
Im not as scared as i seem
But it 'pays' to be cautious
'Employ'ing braincells thats it pays to be the 'boss' of
'Using my head much'?
Never loosing my touch
Even with no hands...i 'headbut'
So hush
And keep watching for the stories that erupt

~wind blows!

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