Friday, October 1, 2010

Dream Writing: Visiting Tyland


Cool water and breezes.

Guess where im set..

And conclude the thesis

I dream in pieces

But this where peace is

And the sky makes rain fall..where im not seated

A perfect land,

Where the ground is sand

..And the heat turns that into glass instead

Crystal stairs

,Golden shoes.

.and platinum rails

Purple sparks fly back when i climb up there..

The destination where thoughts are amazing

And boredom only exist..when you make it

Ha...just playin :-P

Thats been dead and gone

Its all about 'lively' songs

The only thing 'left' to 'write'.. is vibrant 'wrongs'

..and the 'beat's keep 'clap'ing to the 'synths' an 'drums'

..This world where the sky is gone,

And we 'touch Stars'..All because the 'Clouds were its body guards'.!

While the Moon looks down on us mighty hard

And Jupiter is jealous of the Sun and Mars

Could a planet be mentally gone? O.o

..all because its physically far, a vacuum..not making a sparrrk,

....aspects of its action are shots in the dark,

......never making a sound or beggining to start.!

...We the jewel,

Just be happy you apart of it...

Peace and much love to The Being that started it

Shootin thru the stars like Starter is

And every other place is just space with a starter kit

And even tho they finished,they really aint started yet.

Here the parties 'hittin' like 'Artemis'

..Lifeforms in they 'prime' like 'Optimus'

While you prolly coughin from a cold,

..chewin on some losenges -__-

~wind blows!

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