Friday, July 2, 2010

LiveLyricism Author "MT" Presents: Thought/Meditation for the Day

Wordplay fanatacally impacted me to gradually recondition my anatomy to elavate grammatically/ To enhance my personal purpose for paintin graphically/ Using body mind and soul to stir my heart’s apathy/
Causalities are causally the cause for concern/
Their practically the practicing of practice that we learn that either actively activates the actions that we firmly decide are right or wrong under the eye that gave us birth/
Death to valued knowledge will violently end us as foul info circulates causing brains to silently hemorrhage/
So defendants of the wealth ritual reign visceral/
To maintain an acceptable standard that won’t distance you/
From the believable capability to disrespect, demean, deface and degrade without penalty/
The lyrical foundation that harnesses injuries/
From sacrifice, killings, inspiration and chivalry/
Revenge is sweet between the bitter rivalry of praise/
Those at the helm, or those that are slain/
Either renown for sending endless innocents to their grave/
Or spittin endless sentences hopin someone can be saved/


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