Sunday, June 20, 2010

LiveLyricism Author MT Presents: 26 Letters

FYI: This is 4 years old and someone wanted me to try writing it.
Some stuff aint gonna make total sense but I figure I'd post it up here

Arousing aggravation and agonizing ailments
Aiming arrows at artists acting as assistant assailants
Always attacking assassins at accurate angles
Annihilating acclaimed assinine actors, after aligning Archangels
Arrogant arsonist arming aerial artillery
Allocating armaments, adding anger amps auxiliary
Adversaries and archenemies aren’t anticipating any actual alloy amputating activity
But best believe bacterial based bombs bring belligerence
Blowing bastards, breaking bones, bogarting benefits
Blood burning bars blot bodies by breeding blemishes
Brutality bruising by blistering boys buying Benadryl
Behemoth brandishing blades, burying billions in bandages
Bragging boastfully bout beating ballad battlers
Brilliant brainiac building ballistic blast banisters
By bridging borders broken by blown balances
Cremation canisters containing crooked criminals
Cooked crisp, cement covered calluses, condition’s critical
Cornering coroners, controlling colder cobras,
Coma corrosions, calm carcasses caution conformers
Caravanning carnivorous carcinogens
Commencing cancerous contaminations cancels careless citizen
Concealing corpses in caterpillar cocoons
Crystallizing critters confronting chemicals chemist confuse
Deeper dysfunction develops deduction
Deceptive disintegrator of dictators during diction destruction
Diligent devisor dissecting diamonds, dutifully drilling
Deeming divisions dismissing decisions destroying dominions
Dangerously driven, deploying demonic denominations
Demoralizing disasters, departing devastation
Dagger damager Damascus dismantling due to dampen dapper dons dashing distance diameters
Excalibur expert, ebbing existing excerpts
Enticing emotions, ejecting emergency exits
Each emission’s effective, eliciting excellence
Exclusive energy elements easily elevate elephants
Enormous eminence equaling engrossing equivalents
Exasperating enigmas evolving endless extensiveness
Earth’s exterior endorphin enkindler erases
Excruciation extinguishers, entering ear egresses (pathways)
Faceless features fold fearless fighters, ferocious focus
Forbidding feeble failures falling feet first from focal
Fathom family fatality fury following fires full of fuel forwarding flamethrowers at frigid follicles
Freeing flocks for farm fertilizing, far from finalizing
Finding flammable flows foe frying
Filleting feminine feline fish’s filament, finishing freshwater fencers fleetly flipping fins
Geometrically graphical galatical grammar gaining gracious gratitude, given growth got Goliath gargantuan
Gatling gun gets gruesome gallantly guarding gladiators
Glistening gore glitters getting glances by gamma-ray gazers
Greatness gathers grandeur, glory goes Godly, guts get guillotined ghastly gashing gleam’s glossy
Genetically guessing gentlemen generally grip getaways
Got gazelles galloping given gigahertz gravity generates
Halitosis has hollow heaters hiding in holsters
Horrific hymns hover havoc, heightened hypnosis
Hellish heredity, humidity halts hyperhydrosis
Hindering holy happenings, heisting hopefuls
Hatchets hacking hackers hollering Hallelujah
Hostility hiccups holocaustic hydrogen, howitzer hoopin
Hitting Hitlers, hyphenating heads, hemming haters
Having heretics hyperventilating hiking Himalayians
Innovative illness injures images imitated
Inducing infernos interiorly incinerating
Inking incisions in inferior illustrators
Interrogating imbeciles inside intelligence incubators
Iris inhaling innocent idols inching infringement
Ignorantly injecting interruptions into inventions
Insects infest icicles igloos integrated in Iceland
Igniting icons, infinitely insulting issues of Iceman
Juggernaut jacking javelins jabbing jaws jabbering
Japanese Jujitsu jeopardy, judo jackhammering
Jackal jumping jurors justly jousting justifiers
Jehovah judgment joins jaguars in Jambalaya
Jading joggers, junking janitors, jolting Jesuits
Jerusalem jeerers of Jesus joyously jerked by jellyfish
Jamming jet junctions, jumbler jumbling jugulars
Joining Jason and Jeffery, jotting joint jugglers
Killer kamikazes kinda Kris Kross, keep kidding
Kidnapping kids kindling kettles of kittens
Kanji kicking Kung-fu kings, kiss the kinesis
Kaleidoscope of Kobayashi, Kaiser, Keaton
Komodo kindly knocking, knuckling kindergartens
Kangarooing kilowatts keeping Kryptonic koalas
Kingly knight Knifing Klansmen’s Kleenex
Kruger katanas kept Kublai Khan keenness
Legendary legionnaire leading lyrical levity
Lacerating lambastes on legacy’s longevity
Limited learners leap’s lack longitudinal logic
Lifting lingual loads, literature locked in launchers
Lethal lacrosse lashing landscapes lengthy
Legally letting livid leopards loose on Langley
Leprosy language, leisurely ligament lesioning
Leaving leeches licking long lasting liver leakages
Meager meddlers meet mind menace missiles
Maximizing massive mashings of men’s minute mental
Minimal memory magnifies mortally made
Magic master managing a maddening mage
Merlin multiplying mirrors mimicking mayhem
Mayday, massacres may murder millions of maidens
Mammoth mainly malignant, mostly maliciousness
Moves molecule motors monitoring the meticulous
Never-ending nervousness naturalizes novels
Neutralizing numbs necks, noxiousness nulls nostrils
Nocturnal nightmare negating nautical nozzles
Navarone nukes negotiate nuclear nonsense
Nauseating novice notions, nearing nonetheless
Notorious nitrogen nesting necrotic nothingness
Nebuchadnezzar’s Neo, nicest nominee
Neatly noun needling Nero’s necessities
Optical opener, opposers on opposite oceans
Onyx oxen operating on occasions on Octobers
Occupant occupying occupations others are over
Originally an optometrist oculus owner
Octopus orderly organ organizing
Octogan omega of omniscient optimizing
Ouster of opportunity, ordinarily omitting
Outcasts, outclassed, outdone, outwitted
Pencil precision penetrates paper pages
Patient’s palpitations predicts pigment paling
People panicking, practicing pandemonium
Producing passionate plagues preaching at podiums
Pissing petroleum, pivoting populations of priests
Poisonous poet projecting piranhas, picking on peace
Perfectly puncturing publics pleading for punishment
Paramount pictures portray palaces plummeting
Quickest to quiver quacks, quotes quilting quizzes
Quantum quarreling quantities in quadrillions
Quenching quest with qualified quadrupeds
Quartet’s quarterly quarantine quasi questioners
Quarterbacking quake, quilling Quetzalcoatl
Quit quantizing, quibbling the quota
Quadrilateral quotients from Qatar to Quebec
Quintessential quadrants, quadrupling quadriceps
Ripped retaliator, ravenous reaping raider
Rippling repenters ricocheting relentless razors
Routinely riddling riddles rotating rivals
Reciting rigorous rhymes, revolutions rising
Rocking regions, rattling Richter readings
Ranting reciting reminding realms of raw reaches
Seekers search symbols, soundings, signs, signals,
Syntax, sentences, serials, speech, systems, syllables
Stabbings, strangulations, suicidal situations
Sickening seditious souls seeing satanic stipulations
Simile submarine substituting synonym semblance
Soaking shameless surfaces, snuffing sycophants
Spitting sulfurous scriptures, sincerity simmers
Seraphim severing simpletons stupidly sinning
Tempting terrorizers to totally tatter talkers
Telling tiny tales, terrified of the tower that’s taller
Technical technique telekinetically transports
Terminology thesauruses tentatively transform
Taking terminator texture, twisting titanium
Taming telepathic tantrums, tornadoing Tasmanian
Televised tick tocks timed to topple towns
Transmitting transitions transfixed to the Taos
Unifying unions using unique unisons
Umbrella of understanding, utopia’s uniformed
Unlatching the umbilical of unborn unicorns
Underground, utilizing the underworld’s universe
Unmatched, unwatchable, undercover, undermining
Unwrapped, uncatchable, undiscovered underliner
Unwinding, unleashing uppercuts unkindly
Untouchable upriser uplifting the unwisely
Vicious vibrating verbiage vents voltage
Vocalizing vehemence violates volume votives
Violent vibes verify vocals as versatile
Victims visualizing the vernacular’s vertical
Vicinities vanishing, vindicating vacant voices
Viceroy of vertebrate vending, victor’s vices are voidance
Vessels vomiting venomous vapors on vermin
Vaccinating vile vespers at velocities Vipers verge in
Words win wars with wrathful warrior weapons
Wakening winds waving Wessons wannabe wack westerns
Woes watering wicked wetlands walked by warlock
Wanderers wondering which wimp’s wagging a wallet
Warping worthless writers with wayward whirlwinds
Wintry weathers wards off the world’s whims
Weepers wallow with worry witnessing women wailing
Worshiper’s wisdom whines writs while waiting
Xeroxing X-man Xavier X-raying
Xanax, X-chromosome XXX, X-rated
Yoking youngsters and yapping at Yamahas
Yearly yearning to yank yards of yamikas
Yahweh yarning yokels from Yuma to Yugoslavia
Yamani yelling at yelpers with yataghans (knifes)
Zeus zapping zillions, zipping zigzagging zeppelins
Zone of Zen, zenith of zealotry Zeitgeist (spirit of time)



L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

bruh,we def need to get together and make some money ghostwriting..Im more of a local ghostwriter..trying to email me so we can discuss this

MT said...

Thats whats up. tell the people that you locally write for to check out my posts on your blog just to get an idea of how I personally write. what'll happen is that they may know some other people that want a verse or two similar to that/my style. I think your current base of cats you write for may expand if they find out you connected wit someone else who writes.

thats just a quick thought. I know that the cats I wrote a lil bit of shit for aren't really doin shit wit it.

Let me know if some peeps you connected wit need a verse or somethin. It can be said that I'm a "sub-affiliate" (so to speak) of yours. It adds a little more legitimacy to what you do when people know you gotta a group of cats doin shit wit u.

my bad for the late reply