Sunday, June 20, 2010

LiveLyricism Author MT Presents: Usual Illness

When comes to spittin, the sea’s deep, speech evident/
Truth holdin more water than the beak of a pelican/
I reach for the beacon of diseased rhyme residents/
Cuz I’m need of a plea to get prescribed decent medicine/
My blood was contagious before 28 Days in/
a crummy crappy Days Inn where I was locked and detained since/
my brain sent a wavelength of agents too abrasive/
for the masses, only classes of few could maintain it/
Once enterin their systems, sanity became vacant/
Contorting physical features, now vanity’s erased in/
Any format where your fancy was a facelift/
Cuz if I’m surgeon, you should panic at the statement/
I incinerate villains from the sky, why burry em?/
Mind’s forever aerial, yours drown in aquariums/
Sporadic crop circulation, whole world’s wearisome/
At what I randomly ravage wit rabies filled Terriers/
Trauma, unscheduled disaster, in the lab wit/
A pen that prints procedures runnin rampant off the pamphlet/
Too hard for a tortoise and too rapid for the rabbit/
So in every race, I’m always In First, Out Lastin/
Competition, no sympathy from me will be visible/
Merciless metaphors remain unequivocal/
The other interpretations you make are highly whimsical/
Given the infantile nature of your mind, which prohibits you/
To comprehend clauses, nerves stoppin and pausin/
Due to euphoria highs that got you hoppin like Tarzan/
Thru sticky green trees, that’s how I drop jargons/
Layin wood to trash talkers, mostly all garbage/
I’m potentially explosive like grenades witout pins/
Cuttin thru foes flows wit serrated shark fins/
Tornado decapitation, to make your top spins/
In winds where elemental Buddhist monks taught Zen/
Now beef is easy to handle, I let my spatula swish it/
I summarize beatings due to acids in sentence/
I don’t need full words, I let acronyms end it/
Cuz you’d be takin more risk than Dracula’s dentist/


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