Thursday, June 10, 2010

Journal Poetry Vault: Sunbright Yesternight

As promised on this date,
A fairly old lyric,written last year..circaaaa..wanna guess when..

Just a tease for today
I hope I stay on your mind
And never lead you astray
'Hours' don't matter
On a 'date' for eternity
I won't stop-
Just don't 'fail' on 'permit'ting me
If I say I hate you
You know what I really mean
Real life with you?-
Is better than any dream!
Well unless you're in it...
Or unless you're with me when I dream it
Peaceful-Nala dreamin'
Kicken-Like-"its too good to be true"
Other people think the same like:
"Ty is with you?-
5th grade Ty?-
Wait,he is your boo?
*let me think for a second*
Na-that couldn't be you"
Yes I'm with a goddess
So keep lookin away
Or be blinded for like half of the day
Stumblin down the hallway,
in 'all ways'
You know- they couldn't accept 'mentally'
And 'physically' then can't even see
There's only one question I should try and perceive
Why am I not blind after the SunRains on me?
I guess it was meant to be...
Simpily 1-4-3

~wind blows!

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