Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Journal Poetry Vault: Circa Sixten Oh!nine

Some memories 'last' 'forever'..when you hoped the 'first' was 'infinity'

I'm thinking about tomorrow today
Well, last years tomorrow
The dreams,the hurt,the pains and sorrow
The laughs and tears...
Beds where truths will lie
And kids will play..grow old and die
The bench..the books..the stories..and morals
The walks..the beach..the waves and coral
The fountain..Run!...
Let the water mist your hair
The beauty of relaxation without a care
And i stare O.o soo gorgeous
This should be forever...
Infinity's important!
Where the end doesn't matter,
If it doesn't exist
Thinking: 'hopefully conclusion isn't the end of a risk'
Sadly it is..
'I reminisce over you'..
We can 'Rock' yet 'Smooth',
But this not T.R.O.Y.
I'm not deceiving you
With every 'i love you' as truth
Spill my heart..Give you my heart..if surgery's due
I'm dying for you
Even a year later
Very few good times..
My breathing's Darth Vader'd
Word etched into my heart with a saber
'We can't be friends..but i'll see you later'
And i agree with respect
And i leave no respect
.And i think,
..and i sigh..
....and i bleed from my chest
Life is in the blood
Our blood spilled all thru alyZ
But everything i write is just 'was'
Thoughts of the past
But all of its love..

She said.."Why do you even want the remembrance?"... Unexpected heart wasn't finished yet..Blue screen of death's what I'm lookin at

~wind blows!

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