Friday, June 4, 2010

Bored Thinking:The Perfectly Imperfect Storm

2nd Lyric I've ever completely made in my mind.
Meaning no writing it down until it was completely done in my head..
and i think im getting better at it..Feedback much?...

Sun covered
And yea ..the Rain still fallin
Thunder thrash hard
Smart people are walkin...
Dumb people runnin,
And I'm shaking my head
Why the rush?...
You rather be struck by lightning instead?
Symbolically speaking
And if you catch it you're a genius
But most won't decipher the meanings
Its people here
And emotions
If you look real hard
If you really really focus
If you saw the other lyrics,
Then you know this not bogus
'Love Lightning'
You know i like to use the elements
Natural stuff-heaven sent
Flower scents
And now that that's evident
Focus on the topic..more evidence
The Perfect Storm
Hurricanes in the brain...
'Cause my mind is warm
Twisted ideas and thoughts deformed
Leading to a path tossed and torn
Where i can't lie comfortable,..
My coffins worn
No peace..or subtle forms
All blunt and struggle prone
With no noise
No sounds
Uh...muzzles on?
Loud inside
Thinking:"If only this was off"
I would speak..i would talk
Maybe breathe as i walk
Instead of holding my breath
~wind blows!...but Ima breeze at rest (nothing)
My exhalation?..
The world can't handle the stress
A lot is on my chest..
Breast reduction much? O.o
And this all from my mind
So it can't be touched

~wind blows!

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Anonymous said...

Cool..thats amazing. Good stuff man!