Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Schizophrenia {The Surfaced} ft. George Cursive L

Two separate stories of two artist troubled by Schizophrenia..
Follow Carefully!


George and Nichevo,
The man with two names
Two heads are better than one,
I think with two brains
Too sane to wear the jacket
But the illness is fame
Two entities within one,
Only switching in pain
George is the aggressor, the lesser ashamed...
Of his actions, subtract Nick and he'll go insane
Like a puddle of propane, Nick has the desire...
To extinguish the fire, of things so profane
Schizophrenia's not bad,
It's better than it sounds
The two minds collabing make me looney with the nouns
I'm sick with the adjectives, a madman with the verbs
That form outlandish sentences, I'm crazy with words.
And though this is a sickness, I use it as a remedy
They clash, but combine when there’s hard times ahead of me
The melody is sweet, could be likened to harp
I sever ties with my enemies, like I'm done dressin sharp
They said opposites attract
They’re correct infact
We live and connect,
3 hearts in our back
One beats for (L)ove,
One loves to (H)ate,
Yet another one (C)ritiques everything that i create
(H)Voices in my head...
My eyes are gettin red
Poison gettin fed to little boys while they in bed
I cant picture reality..it hides inside my head
Everything i want to dream..is a nightmare instead
No hope for the future
No cause for an appraise
Sittin in this crap hole..
Rattling my 'cage'
Tapping my foot..
Waiting for the 'key of rage'
Do you know what you've done?
The force of 10 winds,
...Heat more humid than suns
None hotter..melts lava,
burns ash, and scare monsters
Dueces to Love..and Infinity to Drama!
Uggh.... Yes this is George speaking
The bad guy-the one who is now seeking...
the ones looking for trouble
Their stench foul and reeking
And defeat them all till I'm the big fish -SeaKing
Truly beasting..all rage unleashing
Like I'm hulking out, my tolerance decreasing
I don't care if I'm indecent,
I never cared for honor
I'm hotter than five fat guys sittin in saunas
Aggression is my way of life-you could say my persona
I beat up Superman, and then abducted Lana
And then ditched her for Lois,
My expression is stoic
Nick gets into that, but I don't care for heroics
Anger and animosity runs my mental facilities
Demolish any foes who dare breach my vicinity
Cause it's kill or be killed, Live and let die
And if he's guarding his right, then punch his left eye
There are some things you just cannot let fly
Understand I'm a realist cause only the dead lie
(L)Up build and educate!
He must not know what he did
Why would anyone ever feed poison to kids?
Its all Love..
You can take from my rib
If this head is my home as a house where i live,
Then why's an angel with a spinnin sword guarding it then?
Please let me in
I really asked nicely
I wouldn't hurt a fly,or let anything die
I love kids with cancer
I givem french fries
And i even let them piggie on my back for a ride
...i cant stay around
I feel i might loose control
(L)I hear a voice telling my to let my my love go
Wait i think im loosing co...noooo!-(L)ove
It's N-I-C-H-E-V-O, I'm feelin nice and breezy
Not aggressive like George, Oh no!, I take it easy
Sleazy I am not, honestly I can say that
I keep classical music and R&B on playback
Yes I'm a romantic, and I could say hopelessly
But the sun always rises, so it's only hope I see
And I hope I see that your noticing me
So I introduce myself with a faint: "Beg your pardon"
"I have not picked my quota of lotuses from the garden"
And the full name's Nichevo but please call me Nick
I'm smooth with my actions, and my words are slick
I'll kill you with kindness, or drown you with love
Pick your poison
I think that you'll agree..
That my love is sweeter than boysenberry...syrup
Your a queen, so with this king you should pair up
I love it when your hair is down and even when your hair's up
And I'm a stair up above these other guys
And that's a known fact until proven otherwise
So just to summarize... your touch is winter
But you have warm summer eyes
I'll be your prize, to prominence we will spring
I'll always have your back so you'll never autumn
Or fall, however you like to do to it
It's for you cause your the fairest of them all
(C)I must be the perfected design
And I’m ashamed to even say I’m sharing a mind
Just give it some time
I WILL be the victor!
Wielding a sword of ink
My slice is the fiercest
Your loves only tempting me
Your fear is my award
I’m stronger than strongest of things you accord
Fighting with a pen that’s 'mightier than the sword,
But i sharpen my blade of thoughts when i record..
And i jot what i say with force..
Until the rhyme gets sliced by the way i talk..
Lets get it on!'
I can unlock your cage
Unleash your chains
Give you a hug..and say some nice thangs
The best of the three
I’m right and left brained
Ambidextrous flow,that can handle all things-(C)ritique
I love you all..but i hate to love..and i definitely hate that i hate hating love!...Please forgive we, it's the imperfection riddling us O.o -(L)ove(H)ate(C)ritique

~wind blows!

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