Friday, July 2, 2010

LiveLyricism Author "MT" Presents: Usual Illness 2

What is Mind Trauma?
The disparagin impairment of brain bareness in area where nerve message carriers/
Are torn to shreds and broke beyond repairable/
Hence the issue undefined in any Webster Merriam’s/
Now that you have the proper clarification/
Its time for me to slay this outfitted arrogant nation/
Blaring on stations, makin my cranium shape shift/
And spit out four faces, watch the seraphim blaze em/
(I’m the) Mozartian vocal chord pianist seein this/
Demonized scene vehemently screamin greediness/
Givin “sleezy” new meaning on its link to Wikipedia/
Screeching through sound scapes are crows breathin helium/
Heat waves, I’m here unload each phrase off each page/
I shoot 12 bars, people call the stuff a speech gauge/
None can measure up, don’t let 24 reach stage/
That’s way too much ammo to ramble outside the beast’s cage/
The shogun novelist whose flows puns opposite of a novice wit no knowledge of my covert operatives/
Swordsmen forced in a position where the antagonist is adamant in aggravatin my battlefield confidence/
I swing my katana wit admonishment so followers of these commodores don’t get they wig lifted like a Pompadour/
Cats don’t know what ‘I mean’ (Amin) when I give an Idi open/
It’s the microphone murder method wit easy focus/
You think I’m mediocre? How bout I grow a healthy state of beef between us so I eat me some meaty okra/
Rhythmically, I’m still on the same venue/
In due time I’ll continue wit new victims on the menu/
You’ll predict the course based on the lyrics that I send you/
And I’ll always remain ill cuz I don’t ever pretend too/


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