Thursday, May 6, 2010

George Cursive L Presents: Poetry vs Rap

I just want to see if people can tell the difference.
I'll mark the first pair as a clue to differentiate between the two.
After that, try and guess a difference.


I don't think they understand
I have no fear of death, cause I have no fear of man
They try to interrupt me, but no matter what their plans
They never will succeed because my future's in my hands
Culinary genius, yes a phoenix from the sands
Well done is how he serves the knowledge from his pans
This is just a habit, yes the talent in his glands
Talent like the money back when Romans filled the stands
Coming out the hood like a member from the clan
Tooting my own horn like a member of the band
Banding together like brother's from other lands
And remember who I was, so I don't lose who I am


I try to do good so I can save my soul
But like Oreo's or Michael Jackson you know half is black
I'm known from Big Stone Gap out to Accomack
You know the flow got em tumbling like an acrobat
I'm like Lebron on the court if you half his stats
And gang tackles or one testicle is only half a sack.
Hehehe.... I know I'm gettin off
It's sorta like what fiends do when they spaz for crack
Flea flicker, I keep my hands off till they pass it back

Rap or Poetry??

I was once told that "Love is for the Birds"
Hehehe.... I find this quote absurd
Maybe that's because it's love that's in my words
Love inspires each noun, adjective, and verb
Cause when it comes to love, I'm doin pretty swell
A lot of tells I never show, I guess I play these cards well
And of course I lose hands, but I still can tell time
Cause every minute spent was good, so I never lose mine
And life might drive me crazy, but I never lose mind
Cause even if I lose my way, it's never hard to find
Love, and that's the moral of my story
It burns like my eyes filled with morning's hidden glory

But honestly, I know what your thinking,
No psychic. See me with your ears
I paint a pretty picture with these words
Hope you like it.... I did it just for you
Can't you see, It says: I heart, add just the u
I'll adjust to you, rather than fuss with you
Discuss different topics over dinner for two
It's funny how I'm constantly thinking of thee
I can't help but do it tho, the Lady is Lovely
-George Cursive L


Anonymous said...

Wowww this is sooo hot!!!!

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

yea Nick.this is pretty dope...but the next lyric im thinkin about doing involves a variety of flows..Skitzo like O.o