Sunday, May 23, 2010

LiveLyricism Author MT Presents: Strenuous

Sickest wit the pun’s I command/
Spit’s hotter than deserts whenever sun hits the land/
So cats quick to surrender, even wit guns in they hands/
After witnessin my minions that come from the sands/
Of hourglasses, waiting, they tower over nations, scouring, impatient, to devour cowards hatin once dipping the dubious in liquids whose fluid is more pollutive to cancerous Lupus venom induce nucleus/
Mircophone hyphen cold defines my rhymin tone/
Usin limbs for mallets, vertebrates as xylophones/
My sounds in the cyher gotta a murder rate unrivaled on any cirucuit worth worship or session in a writin zone/
Stop wastin you’re antics, comparin mechanics of my aerodynamics to you’re unairable patterns that never could manage gainin higher advantage over lyrical skill usin primitive matters/
I’m the entourage eater, monologue creature whose speeches’ll feast upon pawns among leaders/
Forget punchlines, my mixed martial arts preachin’s like cardiac treatment that fails, heart grievin/
Lyrics been disgustin like spillages of gutless cats that don’t speak of me due to the villages they stuck in/
Camps full of tramps, trapped by my eruption residue that executes wit natural disruption/
Not to be pooped on, pissed off or messed wit/
Never to be flipped on, ripped off, or bucked wit/
Mental’s magnimounious, killin steel magnolias, drippin acid orbs in em to send em to Pandorums near/
Space time continuums in silver tint delorians/
Too advanced for diesel, I’m fueled wit petroleums/
Found in distance galaxies and rare alien oceans in/
Global rotational cycles wit meteors orbitin/
I spit from here to Neptune, until I hear the next tune/
Add dope syllables and find an ear to put it next to/
Predominantly the ones that haven’t fell into the cesspool/
Of the lyrical monotony on sex and money set rules/
State a crib, name a car, place a bid, bang a broad/
Make this list and dimwitted kids’ll think you’re hard/
Aim at wimps, break the law, say your pimp, fake the charm/
Shake the ish and see what really filters out the bars/
So I’m swimming through treacherous seas Orkas span/
Cleaning out government trash, ravampin their storage plans/
I’m takin out the pest, so forget the Orkin man/
Wit logic, pen, God, shield, mike and sword in hand/
I’ll be battling corruption admist the shadows of injustice/
Acceleratin head on, dismantling the toughness/
Of sttubborn idolizers who ain’t unraveling the roughness/
Found in true lyrics, they just stay fragile and corrupted/



L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

the delorian line made me flip!

MT said...

Preciate props