Thursday, May 6, 2010

Deuce Of Hearts [END GAME]

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Deuces rule!
Can't cut me..
Now i know that love is 'bull'
'Cant touch me'!
'Red cape' on
It didnt come that way O.o
..Past love and a failed 'escape'
George Cursive L:
'S on my chest',
Yes.. I was a 'superman'
'Weak' for her though,
I guess she was 'kryptonite'
Now my hearts 'infirmed',
And I'm feelin 'crippled like'
Water ripples down my face,
Thought I had my Lois Lane
Now a 'prisoner' of heartbreak,
She provides the 'ball and chain'
So im 'cast into a lake'
..A lake of my tears
So!..emotions hurt
Does that make me a queer? O.o
Heart pumpin the concoction of fear.
Once you lose what you lose
You done loss what you learned
And once you learn what you lost
You're at a loss for words
Same thoughts where two hearts converge
Wherefrom twice the life emerge
And the focused fluttering of pain's submerged
George Cursive L:
And I'm on the verge of just staying under water
Cause I refuse to be used by another father's daughter
The abuse is prevalent, which makes it more evident
Elegance, can make a murderer seem heaven sent
So it's evil, but with a radiant shine
She says peace, and yet cuts every time
And this is the thought that's troubling my heart
She's Sorry, yet i'm the one that must go back to Start.
She played the game well
Now she screamin: Encore!
Im on the ground grabbin my heart
..Vavles on the floor
But she lovin it
But dang, is this hating it?
Opposites attract
Shes sky and im pavement
A peasant amongst stars
With shine thats inglorious
Tropics thats unforested
I cant bear with no porridges
I gave her the spades the she cut me with
And I gave her the diamond that she clubbed me with
Now all a brother got is a duece of hearts
Does it make me an Ace if i give you a part
Or will my heart just fold from the start
If loves a game..strain!
'Cause the table is dark
Twice the hurt from the deuce of a dart
George Cursive L:
Robbed me of my heart, an opportunistic looter
Gorgeous but deadly, A trigger happy shooter
A poisonous gift, like a rare exotic flora
Trouble in the box, I must be on Pandora
Cause it's a different world without her
I'm feeling like Dwayne with no Whitley
They say you can't lose what you never had
Ok, but the pain is still with me
Burns my chest like a strong shot of whiskey
Risky it was to relay emotions in me
A year lost in time and a piece lost within me
No peace in my mind but the peace sign she gives me
If things don't work out you go back to basics.
Going back to things that help me on a daily basis.
I'm done chasin traces of many pretty faces.
I'm chillin on my own, my own personal oasis.
Her deuces persecute me like a racist
Not here with me, I guess she had traded spaces.
= - (

~wind blows!

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