Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Author MT Presents: Work in Progress

Wrote rhymes on the stars cuz artists wished for the dopeness/
From infants, toddlers, adolensent, teens to grown ups/
Every stage of their lives, hopin one day to blow up/
In any facet of societial status that shows up/
But now you got cats that try to cause debacles/
Got vision and aspirtations as hatas block ya eyeballs/
Give em a Bloody Endin like low stocks of Midol/
Present permanent periods, then wipe the rocks off/
The grounds, foundation, placement of innovations/
The mural at the base of lyrical ventilation/
Blowin off steam without locomotion to make it/
Yet trained in the ways of incorporatin the basics/
Wit direct complexities,
mixed intrepidly wit courage so tough Trebek questions jeopardy/
Levels, since obstacle are handled wretchedly/
No hesitant nature in the face of inequities/
My wordplay goals are to unfold the mold of old habits
you hold and let the facts expose a path less traveled
and close the one you chose by devotin these quotes to help you find your zone/
System reloaded, fiction deleted/
Thats why true lyricists are sick for reason/
We foresee battles and pick whose defeated/
The more fiends rattled the less tricks needed/
But in that same breath, maneuvers conducive to bruisin these fools are usually use in/
The movement of provin whats fake and what music/
And bomb the world wit truth before phonies diffuse it/



L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...
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MT said...

Good lookin out thx for the comments