Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bored Writing: Dreams Fall And Break!

'Dreams fall and break'.

Ah..what an awesome mistake
The only question...will you ever awake?
..Sleep sealing your fate
Atleast until the shackles erased
You should probably retreat
Artist mind made up to speak
But who makes the artist mind?
Ironic thought..yet really unique
O.o But its not too hard if you think
Well.. for a chosen few
Don t you wonder what I do?
I'm not really gone..
I'm right behind you!
Climbed clouds and found you
Done the impossible
But still stand in defeat,volatile
To slow..whose clockin you?
And why does every mirror copy you?
Like...i see me..blink..and see you
Blink harder then you re gone from my view
Why so..delusional
Emotions are confusing too
My mind turns away..
..but my heart still beats for you
No matter what i tell it to do
Its real vicious over my belt
Vipers! ..My stomach needs help
How do you refuse the one you love more than yourself?
Praying that my mind wont continue hurting itself
Improving everything i know i can correct
Tryna chisel off the S on my chest..
Gosh, have i made it a mess.
As the ~wind blows! off the rest

'To anyone ever falling in love..
just hope you never be hitting the ground"

~*just guess*

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