Wednesday, March 24, 2010

George Cursive L Presents: We Need Us

Everybody's leaving when we need each other most
No one seems to have a love that they can boast
Most of the them forgot all the things that bought them close
In the same room but they live on different coasts
Yeah they grew apart, part of them lost trust
And that disastrous, for We Need Us
But that's hard for some because of their fear
They need the mindset of the Three Musketeers
For you I will cheer, like it's a round of beers
And through the years of tears we'll strengthen our peers
So united we stand, divided we fall
So let's stay together cause I care for you all
If your legs get weak I will carry you all
If I had the strength to do it, you know that I got you
If your having problems on me you can call
My ears are always listening, And if you really need me
I have no problem visiting, inquisitive of your problems
To see if there's a way to help you solve them
We need Us, for our brothers, mothers, fathers, daughters
Husbands, wives, yes the love in all us
Cause our future is as fragile as glass
And if the glass breaks, our future is stuck in the past
Stuck in this trash, this loveless world with actions so brash
Dang, now that's a Revelation for any denomination
So lets stay together, I emphasize it
Cause I want us all to see forever
So don't let them sever our ties
The bond we have is where our strength lies

Everybody's breaking, breaking up
Lets stay Together, Let's stay Together

-George Cursive L

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