Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Journal Poetry Vault: Ancient Queen of Tyland

I wrote this awhile ago..not the sweetest lyric..no pun intended.


Sore Eros
Lactic acid heartedness
Muscles pumping arsenic
Yea isn't it awesomeness!
I'm lying outta my sarcophagus
Wading thru carcasses
..Mind targeted
After them!-they took my brain
..But i feel no pain
Why embalm me sane?
Room full of gold and sugarcane
Scared subjects who used to praise my name
*people chanting* "Immotep"
What an immortal concept
Maybe 'demonic construct'
"She looks scary"
Oh crap!.. so does he
Year '3000'
World full of 'doodo and rosaries'
Woe is me
..If i don't escape this world
The national museum displays my girl
"Here Lies SEH..Queen on Tyland"
I touch the case..and color flashes to face
*gasp* Life!
Breaking open the case
She aint even age..
Features that amaze
"Hello dear friend..
I told you id save you...
We can rule forever....
You know that 'we major'!"
Then hoping you would embrace your savior
Ha..nah. mind waver
Another dream for me to savor
As seen in dreams
But i like it alot-more than what reality claims
Even if they could never be the same
Its hard to write without you on my brain
And that's why i keep on recording these things..

"I know the future 'gon be brighter than this..
its bout time i get this light-bulb switched"

~wind blows!

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Letter To..