Tuesday, March 23, 2010

George Cursive L Presents: Unforgettable

Twenty years after I was born in December
Looking back on all the good times of us together
I pray that if I die, me you always will remember
My body will be gone but I will stay with you forever
Look back on the memories, all the things we've been through
The fun that we had and the trouble we got into
I told you Evelyn that I was gonna miss you
Cartier, I love you and I hope you find your mister

Influential to my life, I couldn't ask for better sisters

Naw, I can't forget about y'all

To George and Donna, I respect you as my parents

I know at times it seems my love was not apparent
You help me hit the target even though my aim was errant

And look at me now, all your love I did inherit

You gave me all my strength and now your son is full of merit

You're more valuable than platinum lined with twenty four carat, gold

And when you're old you know I'll still care about you
I hope y'all never die, I don't know what I'd do without you

Naw, I can't forget about y'all

And to the Congregation, cause you know you helped to raise me
You instilled hard work so that I would not be lazy

Always told me stop, when I had started acting crazy

Always so strong, the love that you have does amaze me
I can never leave you cause your love is so unfailing
It helped me with problems, now over them I'm prevailing
The water is rough, but with you it's smooth sailing

To repay you I'll look over your elderly and ailing

Naw, I can't forget about y'all

To my best friends: Derrick, Rome, and Dessy

Don, Whitney, Darren, Jinnifer and lets see,

Cedric and Cherika, Myles and Jeathel

Can't forget Flippen who is talented as well.

Y'all the ones who came and got this turtle out his shell
Y'all the ones who caught me right before I almost fell
What more can I say, I think you guys are pretty swell

Made me feel like heaven, even though life can be hell

Dead to the world, it feels like being in a grave
But you dug me out, honestly it's me you saved

Naw, I can't forget about y'all

I probably shouldn't write this till I'm older

But i must show gratitude cause y'all change my attitude

I love you all. You make me who I am today

And I pray that forever I will stay this way

You make the biggest plate of problems seem so edible

That's why y'all it's so incredible

That people so Unforgettable
Think that I am Unforgettable too....
- George Cursive L