Sunday, March 21, 2010

George Cursive L Presents: Gossiper


Gossiping.... that's what females do.
Guess that means that you got some female in you
And you a dog which means you've no propriety
Which makes you a dog of the female variety
You're an abuser, also an accuser
A deceiver, you know the smoke and mirror user
You get it from the Devil, but don't blame him for your actions
Acting as you do best, sliding back and forth no traction
You're on slippery ground, and you have yet to fall
Until now, and understand I'll end it all
Like a clutch shooter, I'm going for the jugular
Now you stumbling and are a conversation juggler
Which means you digging the hole that I'ma put you in
No casket at all you going in raw
Like you fitting to catch a disease
Sinning takes a toll so now your paying your fees
Fees you owe me and your paying with your conscience
And you wonder why I'm hostile and knocking you unconscious
Every now and then I wonder"Why Me?"
It was your biggest blunder to ever try me
Pushing my buttons until I push back
You talk a good game but in real like your wack
You ran a good game but I have the full facts
Your are beyond phony, so I use no more tact
Besides we laugh about you in real life
This game is over time to understand my strife

-George Cursive L

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