Sunday, March 21, 2010

George Cursive L Presents: The Equation


Wisdom equals strength, strength equals heart
Heart equals love and all of the above
Wisdom give the words he use to strengthen the masses
Comes from the heart so it's love that he passes, on
And love is his tying glue in life
So that's why he can say that his word is bond.
And yeah, Love is strong, but where's the love for humankind??
More and more in time, it seems that people lost their minds
They lost the wisdom, and after that the strength declined
The strong grew weak, and the movement had got lost in time
After the strength, the heart was left alone in line
And with no motivation, time will break up all relations
Why is true love so hard to find??
For it to shine you need all three components
Time changes us, it's the mind's main opponent
Things can change in a moment, and affect us forever
To sever this recession of love is my endeavor
The times get hard but i will NEVER, give up
Love over time equals changes for the better
That's the focal point of this thought out vocal letter
So if we get together, and we have a dispute
My ears will be active and my mouth mainly mute
Apologize in wisdom to help strengthen our roots
And heart completes the treasure so cash in on the loot
Don't take my word for it, be apart of the proof
And watch the love overflow and just spill through the roof
Hope this hits you in the head like rain from above
The answers to most problems can be found with Love.

(L= WSH) The Equation
-George Cursive L