Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bored Writing: Lyrids Showers

Background Info...
The Lyrids Showers are meteor showers that
have been observed for the past 2600 years.
However this lyric is very metaphorical..and Im not expecting many to get the underlying meaning

Lyrid Showers:

Fall up
And let the Rain drops riddle me..
Shootin at the stars..
The sky is my enemy..
The Sunshines there-
But really not feeling me..
Let the wind blow on my hair-as it carry me.
I've been told I'm a poison tree..
So in fall you might not wanna be close to me
I leave on every vestige
But that was so kind..
I'm Touched..Fondled,Molested !? O.o
But 'initial'ly most wont catch it..
Most cant catch it
Pricks,scars,and stings
It hurts if you let it
But it works if you let it
W/E.. Just leave me be
Shoulda knew nobody could connect with me
First try,last try and the best of me
Your dream-a reality..
And nightmare for me
I'm still Anakin,missin my arm
I'm still Luke, missin my hand
I would never do it over again
If lightning struck twice..i wouldn't give it a chance
As Im blending up the sky that I'm traveling in
And move timidly..
But racing on endlessly
While thoughts of Rain are still drenching me
I HAVE TO find a time machine before the end of the century!
You wont even know its a different me
And *pfft!* i wont say anything

~wind blows!

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