Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bored Thinking: Nervous Breakdown

The first lyric i ever completely composed in my head..

Clap much? O.o

Nervous Breakdown

Shutdown not an option
Not while everybody is watchin!
You feelin so boxed in
Caged by the wages of sin
And everybody wanna pay you again
..So lets fake and pretend
We peachy here
Never gave into the fruitage of fear
Loosing ear..
'Cause i aint even hear my conscience
It was whispering:"just use alittle logic"
I could be happy if i did it right way
Now my mind plays tricks just to spite me
No passion for writing
Potency bout as complex as water be
Lackin any type or form of motioning
I'm only acting like I'm focusing
Squinting at a goal
Veins seeming bold
My body's missing love..
the B12 of the soul
..guess the expiration date's real old
But they sold it like a Chinese food store
Loves gonna hurt till i don't want it anymore
Yea..Why do i even want it anymore?

~wind blows!

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