Friday, March 12, 2010

Bored Writing: Phlebotomy

Just take from me..phlebotomist?

Do I care whether I make it or not
Whether I live or I rot
Life learned-listen-see connectin the dots
That's points made
But never getting a 'shot'
Unless they 'sick' of all the glorious 'spots'
Ironicly words can hurt your living
And at the same time sooth your membranes
Sticks and stones
Guess that's no difference
Written or said
One strokes the pressure
While the other pains your head
Another not meant to be said
Im the gate that got nails in it
But still it affects my finish
Not smooth..really is sooo rude
Literally uncool
Somethin to run thru?
Hot lava..
And nah im not tribal
Im already a man..
Ha...and not sucidal
Livin an American Tale..
Um Fival?
Gone for awhile
You anticipate my arrival?
I know i know...
Guess im in denial
Mouth all on the floor and tile
I need treatment for awhile
Biopsies of my body in viles
I can see all my parts in piles
They took off my hand
and said "he done lost his touch"
Ha.headbut much?

~wind blows!

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