Thursday, March 4, 2010

George Cursive L Presents: Advanced


I'm tryna run away from all the things that make me shiver
I had me a chick that was the arrow to my quiver
I gave her my heart but instead she took my liver
She cut it out my back and then she sent me up the river
But now i'm one with water so I flow just like the river
Like it was Riva's flow and by her my soul was delivered
Like i'm Baby Moses, thorns in the flesh when i was chasin after roses
Back when i was young, my heart like my head was hardened
To wake up and smell the flowers I had slept inside the garden
Now i guard my heart as if the Garden i was guarding
I only speak advanced, the simple mind i am retarding
I progress and then regress but i seem to come out even
No i am not perfect, but this world is far from Eden
But i'm workin hard until my hands are cracked and bleedin
The world's against me for it, on negativity i'm feedin
Intoxication is their bliss, they want me to be Lupe
Oops i meant loopy, too much liquor is greed and
I'll never be trash yo, their life's a Fiasco
This wordplay is nothin, while their steady makin slop
I'm gettin off like every single cord pull is my stop
I exit for a moment and then back on it i hop
Like ur brain was pancakes, understand the syrup's hot
And when i pour this knowledge soak in every single drop.

Get at me. Hehehe....
-George Cursive L (CR)


Cursive L said...

This is the author of Advanced just lettin people know that it's NOT A GAME. Hehehe....

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...


riva. said...

I feel low-key shouted out. Lol.

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...

lol not with that river picture..i think this is a bigups O.o

~wind blows!