Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bored Writing: Thimble of Fate

Thimble of fate

One prick opens the gates
Pours out rushes of lakes
But I hush,yet relate
Drowned in music of hate
Revenge that sensitizes your taste
Blood equals chords and bass
Just wait until the synthesizer awakes
Eyes posses' "whoooa! whaa is that red thing"
Anakin with his Star Wars pain rage
Hoodie on in darkness
Eyes cut..sharpness
Hair like Tarzan
Janes dead-so he's monsterous
How do you kill a beast thats heartless
In essense is beatless
Chords,bass, no drumkit
Veins and arteries lungeing
Track suicidal
'Cuttin wrist and playing piano'
Lines he can retell
Give him Emotions email...
'so he can tell it how much he freakin hates it detail!'
A bastard like Tyler
Creator of fire
Hater of liers tired
Never say what you dont mean!
You couldve spared a mans pain
Instead you said you wanted to spare but severed his brain
Wish i could live that year again
Now i can only express mistakes in pen
No erasers here
Headed toward future fear
Ha.yea i saw you over there
Realities nightmare...

~wind blowz!

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