Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bored Writing: Closed, Opened'n Checked

Love Last

hA!...more like Last Love
Then again also the first
Ever thought of the hurt in reverse?
See! they picked their hearts up outta the dirt
I hope you guys be blowin it first!
10 second rule is in affect
For those gettin rolled over and stepped
Notes closed opened and checked
A rose pressed in and texted
So what could you have expected?
An @ sign and a > than?
Archipelago tears
Rock-masses fallin on peers
Dang!..i aint seen a meteor shower in years...
Every since the super powers appeared
You can hide over here
Engraved and endeared
"Nonono worries"
Remember?..I have nothin to fear!!
I hope you're doing alright
I know you read these here
P.S. Last love,
I hope i reappear ya mind
Meanwhile you'll breathe my air
~wind blows..

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